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Accounting Flexfield Segments

There are six (6) segments that make up each Accounting Flexfield.

Each segment is designed to represent a dimension of WVU. Segments are required by system design to identify the lowest level of detail required by the University. Segments make up Accounting Flexfields when joined together in unique combinations.  The table below illustrates the segment format of an Accounting Flexfield.
      1. Entity Segment Campus is 2 digits in length
      2. Organizational Segment Departmental Activity is 9 digits in length
      3. Funding Segment Fund is 8 digits in length
      4. Accounting Segment Line Item is 7 digits in length
      5. Functional Segment Function is 3 digits in length
      6. Activity Segment Project is 8 digits in length
        Total Accounting Flexfield is 37digits in length.

          There are two types of segment values:

          1. Child values
          2. Parent values

          The segments that make up Accounting Flexfields are referred to as child values. Another type of segment value is a parent value.

          Parent values are roll-ups of the lower level child values and are used to facilitate reporting. Parent values provide the flexibility to combine child values for reporting purposes without imbedding roll-up combinations directly into the Accounting Flexfield. This functionality minimizes the length of the Accounting Flexfield and facilitates subsequent changes to roll-up mapping.

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