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An Accounting Flexfield is the basic account for collecting and reporting financial data for accounting and management purposes and as such is the value typically coded onto individual transactions. The Accounting Flexfield is part of the Chart of Accounts, which is a structure that includes roll-up capabilities associated with reporting and control.

This Chart of Accounts has been designed to meet the needs of the institution both internally and externally, ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and higher education requirements.

It is important to understand that sponsored agreement activity is managed in the MAP Grants Management module. All detail sponsored agreement information resides in this module and all OGM information will be produced from this source. The OGM module utilizes a supplemental account structure (discussed later in this document) to collect this information, passing summarized data to the primary Chart of Accounts. The account in the OGM supplemental structure is commonly referred to as “POETA”

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